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Cappadocia with its “Fairy Chimneys” is one of the most astonishing wonders of the world. The rock sites of Cappadocia (Goreme National Park) are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1Hot air ballons over Love Valley

Hot air ballons over Love Valley near Goreme and Nevsehir in the center of Cappadocia, Turkey (region of Anatolia). This shot taken shortly after sunrise shooting into the sun. Sun flares visible.
Three million years ago the nearby volcano Erciyes spit out ashes to form a layer of tuff. In some places these are covered by a layer of basalt lava. Then the more durable basalt cracked and split under attack from the weather. Rainwater washed out the cracks and eroded the tuff. In a lot of areas this resulted in these cone formed rocks with a hard basalt top. The Turks call them Fairy Chimneys.

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2Cave houses in Zelve Valley

Cave houses carved into the soft tufa rocks in Zelve Valley.

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3Pigeon Valley and Uchisar

View through Pigeon Valley to the city of Uchisar. In several villages around a lot of houses were carved into the soft tufa rock. The same happened to the castle hill in Uchisar (left area). To the right the so called Pigeon Valley. Formerly the farmers carved Pigeon Houses into the stone to “harvest” the dung once a year as fertilizer for their fields.

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